Partnering with you to build your sustainable business


"True sustainability is the ability to cause little or no damage to the planet and therefore be able to continue for a long time."

FTF is dedicated to building a more sustainable future by guiding and supporting responsible practices within teams, operations and supply chains using a clear and systematic approach.

FTF believes in the importance of humanity in harmony with nature. By changing the way we work, we can reduce the impacts of what we do and become leaders in creating positive change.

At FTF, we recognise the complexity of fashion, and the challenges we face, and know that for lasting success sustainable practice should be embedded into business. To achieve this, we work with your teams to implement clear pathways for continuous improvement.

What do we do?


Helping business to understand the human and environmental impacts in direct and indirect operations and identify opportunities for positive change.

Unpacking the buying process and critical path management to achieve more efficient operations.

Reviewing policies, codes of practice, contracts, specifications and quality assurance process to align with brand values and ensure that these are understood by internal and external stakeholders.


Helping business to build knowledge and awareness of the impacts of fashion business through delivery of education programs across multifunctional teams to connect people with the values and commitments of the business.

Facilitating internal capacity building through review of structures and accountabilities to inspire engagement and motivate success.

Assisting in the development of credible communications plans to share brands sustainability journeys with customers and stakeholders.


Developing supplier engagement strategies including capability analysis and relationship building to achieve prosperous partnerships.

Carrying out supply chain risk analysis to identify potential human rights violations such as modern slavery and below living wage and planning risk mitigation strategies and action plans.

Assisting with internal reporting and preparing modern slavery statements for mandatory reporting.

Guiding brands to open up true traceability through supply tiers enabling transparency through the value chain.

Recommending supplier due diligence, audit programs and corrective action plan follow up.

Assisting with sustainable raw materials strategy and sourcing, to reduce environmental impact.


FTF engage in innovation initiatives and collaborative projects that inspire positive change.

FTF will support you to build a framework for your sustainability program and guide you through a robust implementation plan with understandable metrics to set goals and achieve ongoing improvement for lasting prosperity
At FTF we will work with your business wherever you are on your journey, we will tailor a lasting program to fit your needs

About the Founder

Elizabeth Park comes from a place of deep industry knowledge and market awareness, honed by extensive international experience in leadership positions with responsibility for product sourcing, technology, quality, value chain management, social, environmental and ethical compliance. Her career has spanned working in a technical and sourcing capacity in large scale, high quality, global manufacturing and, leading global value chains for fashion retail companies based in the UK and Australia. This experience combined with her skills as an accomplished educator and mentor, provides her with expertise in project leadership and training development.

Elizabeth believes passionately about the importance of ethics and responsibility in value chains and believes in sharing her knowledge and experience with fashion companies and designers to inspire and embed ethical and sustainable practices that allow us to run prosperous fashion companies whilst caring for our planet and its people.

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